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5 Things We Must Do To Beat This Pandemic

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Many of us, are searching, somewhat – desperately, for something, approaching, what, we consider, normal! After over a year, experiencing, this horrific pandemic, we hope and pray, for s meaningful resolution, and restoration, to a time, when we feel safe (and, are, so), moving around in public, attending indoor and outdoor activities, once – again, enjoying many types of events, etc! Unfortunately, lots of valuable time was lost, when the former President, first, denied and called it, a hoax, then, minimized, wearing a mask, and, actually, articulated a message, blaming and complaining, and attempting to repeatedly, cast – doubt, on the severity and danger! If we hope, to move forward, safer, healthier, and closer to what we consider, normal, there are many things, each of us, must do, and commit to doing, consistently! There are, at least, 5 things, we must do, to beat this pandemic! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these, and why, we need to put – politics, aside, and, work together, as a team, to restore public health, and well – being.

1. Keep wearing a mask: Why do some, make such a big – issue, over wearing a mask? Nearly, every health professional, and public health expert, states, this virus, is predominantly, airborne, and spread that way! Because of that, the best way, to ensure, fewer people, are exposed, we must commit to wearing a mask! Even, though, the United States, has been vaccinating our citizens, at a rate, about, 5 times, the rest of the world, until/ unless, far – more, individuals, are vaccinated, we won’t reach the level of herd immunity, making it safer, to proceed, in certain conditions (indoors, and when, we can’t maintain, at least, a six-foot, social distancing, barrier)! This should not be a political issue, and has nothing, to do, with freedoms, but, simply, a common sense, public health policy/ suggestion!

2. Wash hands: Washing hands, often, and using, hand sanitisers, is an effective, safety measure! Protect yourself, and others, by doing so, regularly!

3. Social distancing: Maintain, at least, a 6 – foot, barrier, in order, to ensure, you reduce the risks, of getting, infected! When we see, some people, hanging – out, in crowds, etc, they not only, put their own, well – being, at – risk, but, everyone, else, they may come into, contact with!

4. Get vaccinated: Unless, you are one of the very – few, with legitimate, health concerns, it should be, both, common sense, and social responsibility, to get vaccinated, as soon, as you are eligible, and can get an appointment. When, at least, over 60%, but, even – better, if, closer to 70%, and above, get their vaccines, the sooner, we will able, to restore, our society, and lives, or a more – normal, set of conditions, etc!

5. Be patient/ vigilant: Although, the availability of vaccines, and, evidence of their effectiveness, provide hope of, light – at – the – end – of – the tunnel, it is essential, now, more than ever, the public remains patient, follows the experts’ suggestions, and stays vigilant, at – least, until, we approach, herd immunity, based on the number of people, vaccinated!

Wake up, America, and take your personal responsibility, to help, all – of – us, defeat this deadly pandemic! This is the only way, we will, approach, something, resembling, normal!



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