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6 Important Reasons Infrastructure Matters

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How many times, have we witnessed, candidates, articulate a message, supporting improving our infrastructure, but, when, elected, nothing, significant, and/ or, meaningful, comes – about? The reality is, much of this nation, especially, the older, more inner-city locations, are experiencing, an ever-deteriorating, infrastructure! This is another example, of, political procrastination, where, many public officials, continuously, refuse to make meaningful, relevant decisions, but, rather, put off, until tomorrow, things, they probably, should have done, yesterday! Things which might be considered, and improved, for a variety of reasons, include: bridges, tunnels, roads; mass transit; water pipes; power grid; public access to quality internet; and actual, sustainability, especially, regarding, air and water quality, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these 6 areas, and evaluate, what this means and represents.

1. Bridges; tunnels; roads: Many of America’s bridges, and tunnels, are ageing, and deteriorating, and need to be addressed, sooner, rather than later, if we are to avoid a potential tragedy! Some of the most utilized bridges are over 50 years old, and several, over a century old! Most have not been maintained, as effectively, thoroughly, and consistently, as they should, often, because, politicians focus on popular issues, instead! Our road maintenance, is, certainly, less – than – stellar, and, the design, of many of our older roads, highways, etc, are, at – best, outdated, and, potentially, dangerous!

2. Mass transit: Why do the trains, in many other parts of the world, move riders, at many times, faster, and more efficient manner, than in this nation? In this nation, our mass transit systems, are, either, aged, deteriorating, in need – of revamping/ overhaul, or, no longer, sufficiently, able to handle, the current needs, of the particular area! Compare this, to what, we, often, witness, in other parts of the world!

3. Water pipes: Because many areas created their water systems, years ago, there are thousands of miles, of water pipes, which are made of lead! Since, then, we have learned, of the dangers, related to this, and, public health, should demand, we replace these, with safer ones!

4. Power grid: Why, after, nearly, every significant storm, do many areas, lose power? Why are we, so dependent, still, on fossil fuels, when, so many others, have upgraded, for years, taking advantage of windmills, and other, natural resources? Shouldn’t power wires, no longer, be, above – ground, and placed, in areas, far – less, subject, to severe weather?

5. Public access to quality Internet: There are far – too – many places, where public access to the Internet, especially to quality conditions, etc, are severely limited! If other places, can update, and upgrade, so public access to quality Internet, why cannot, and do not, we?

6. Sustainability/ environmental/ air and water quality: Isn’t it the responsibility of this generation, to hand – over, a planet, with clean air and water, and quality, environmental conditions? We must demand, our public leaders, prioritize, sustainability, and addressing, meaningful, infrastructure upgrades!

We need focused, strategically – planned, addressing of our infrastructure, sooner, rather than later! We can’t continue putting off, these essential efforts, because of false priorities, of political/ personal agendas, and/ or, self – interest!


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