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A Conceptual Look at Political Marketing

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Political marketing is the process by which candidates up for election and all their ideas are put together in a campaign and directed at voters. The idea is to further a candidate’s political agenda as well as gain support of the masses. Just as in regular marketing, there is the concept of seller, product and buyer. A political candidate offers voters products in the form of ideas that will ensure economic betterment, an improved society and all of this done for votes.

At the center of political marketing are the consumers. Without them there can be no campaign and no voting. They are the stimuli and the campaign has to be tweaked in order to appeal to their right side. Just as one would do in the selling of a product, the consumer market is analyzed and its behavior understood. Literature is made up, concepts are created and perception is gauged. Communication can be through selective exposure or through multiple phases.

Political marketing makes use of the concept of market segmentation as well as target groups in order to increase their successes at voting. Market segmentation is where potential vote banks are identified and target groups identified in them. This can be on the age, sex, annual income, residential location, race, personality, belief system and lots more. Voting banks then are selected and the kind of communication targeted at them is different. Depending on this the kind of promotion aimed at the group will revolve around themes such as law and order, employment, foreign policy etc. Mediums of advertising, canvassing etc are ways in which to communicate.

Marketing a political candidate is all about creating an image or recall just as you would with any other product. This image is built up in multiple ways and given to the public. It is a concept and is based on a great deal of research. Loyalty to a particular brand is the same as loyalty to a political party. There is a need to identify voters loyal to the brand and utilize them to help swing votes your way.

A political campaign is worked on the basis of a great deal of research. The product, that is the candidate and his ideology are promoted in the campaign and this in turn is sent out to the people in order to influence them to vote for a particular candidate. The success of a brand or in this case the political candidate is the culmination of a political marketing campaign.



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