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Best Flight Deals on Major Airlines During Covid-19

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After the global Coronavirus outbreak, many Airlines Companies have come forward with attractive travel deals. These low-flight deals are not the only jaw-breaking but easily fit in one pocket. Many people are wondering if this is the right time to grab all these flight deals as these awesome deals are perfect to go for a destination which one is always wondering for and wants to go to. But keep in mind, the emerging COVID-19 has infected more than millions of people around the world and is continuing to spread.

In this article we will discuss the points one should remember before going to book any flight deals:

  • The main aim of the airline companies is to increase the demand for flight tickets by the decrease in price.

About 60% of the travelers have reduced or canceled their plans according to the research.

  • Many discount offers are there regarding the flight deals, but the passengers must book the ticket through the airline app through which they can refund their claim in case of any cancellation
  • It is necessary to check that many Airlines Companies have set their new cancellation policy in which they have clearly said that no cash refund will be made in case the tickets are canceled. The amount would stand as credit and when the passenger opts to travel, the refunded amount will be adjusted to it.
  • Many people have misconceptions that the discounted flight deal would be under the travel insurance coverage if the flight gets canceled. But due to the credit options of the refund, the travel insurance only benefits in your pocket when you get a cash refund, not in the case of credit.

  • Though discounted flight deals could be beneficial but do remember the rules regarding the quarantine in all the cities. This is mandatory for all the passengers on arrival to be quarantined according to the days said by the government. So, one could easily get a discount on flight tickets offered by airlines but the cost of quarantining for 15 days could be so big that you can be left with a penny, do consider or think about the cost of hotels before booking your tickets.
  • Another point to consider is that if one has booked a flight ticket with a huge discount but in any case, you want to postpone the date or change the date of departure, the airlines are charging a big amount for this. This would be an extra expense to it and charge with the higher prices.
  • It is crucial to have a COVID-19 test before boarding on a flight and in some places these tests are on arrival. You have to follow all the protocols laid down by the airline companies before the arrival and departure and in case there is a positive case, then all the passengers have to suffer for this, this would add an extra cost to you.
  • Don’t travel for vacation or to have fun. Travel if possible if there is an emergency. All need to maintain a social distance. The best part is not to be engulfed in these attractive offers but to stay at home and be safer.
  • As we know that the future is uncertain in this prevailing coronavirus situation. No matter how much discount you have grabbed from the airlines but if the coronavirus hits your destination, then all the bookings will be canceled and no refund will get on it.

In sho, it’s not worth flying now according to experts that travelers should hold off on making plans. Many opportunities will further come on your way with more attractive deals. So don’t get upset if you miss these.


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