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How Biz4Solutions is contributing in the fight against COVID-19 by developing healthcare mobile apps

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“Life is Unpredictable and You Never Know what is Coming Next!”

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world a few months back and everything changed suddenly. Thousands of people have lost their lives, businesses have come to a standstill and economies are disrupting like never before!

In this panicking situation, everyone is finding out ways to contribute their bit against this COVID-19 war. There are array of technological innovations being carried out to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. As a global provider of new-age healthcare software solutions, Biz4Solutions is developing several mobile apps to support hospitals and clinics in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team is developing social awareness apps, informative apps, counselling apps and similar other medical apps. We are constantly finding new ways to deal with this crisis using advanced technology.


How our healthcare mobile apps can benefit during the COVID-19 chaos?


Counselling Apps

Several countries are under lockdown and many people are home-quarantined due to the coronavirus outbreak. Social distancing can cause anxiety and take a toll on mental health. For managing stress and fear in these times, the significance of counselling can’t be underestimated. Counselling apps are already helping a number of people across the globe. People can use these apps to hire counsellors on-demand.

Biz4Solutions has built an On-Demand healthcare apps using which, people can book online sessions or appointments with healthcare providers. For instance, the Phlex65 app developed by us is a practical solution for older people to hire licensed care providers from nearby areas. These care providers help old people in activities like taking medicines, healthy cooking, bathing, etc. This app also empowers care providers. We can also develop a similar counselling app.


Social Awareness Apps

Due to lockdowns being imposed all over the world because of Covid19 pandemic, people are forced to stay home. In such situations, people have started spending most of their time on their smartphones and using social media apps on a large scale to find all sorts of information about the pandemic. Social media awareness apps can educate the people and the affected patients in these times. If someone needs to know what precautions are to be taken during this lockdown period, social awareness apps can be helpful. If someone needs groceries or masks or general medicines, social awareness apps can be used for getting contact details of nearby shops, medical stores, etc.

Biz4Solutions has developed an application named Link, which is a social networking and awareness app. People with similar health interests can connect online, chat with each other and create groups. They can share information like best doctors nearby, cheapest medications, health management tips, etc. on this social platform. They can share images, audios or videos as well.  This app uses geo-location tracking and ‘push notifications’ features too.


Patient-Doctor Communication Apps

In the lockdown conditions, a patient-doctor communication app is like a blessing. If an old person with chronic ailments or a pregnant lady needs any guidance, they can immediately contact a doctor online using these apps. Likewise, if someone shows symptoms similar to COVID-19 and wants online help from the doctors, s/he can contact the doctors using these apps. These apps provide real-time access to doctors. We have developed similar apps where the patient can book the appointment for video conferencing with the healthcare providers, make the payments and then go ahead with the video calling session.  During video conferencing session, patient can speak directly to the physician and explain his symptoms. Physician can then diagnose the condition and prescribe for the medicines.


Informative Apps

In these critical times, several messages about fake coronavirus cures and other misinformation are circulating on social media and other communication platforms. There is a need for genuine apps that provide information only from trusted and authorized sources like the World Health Organization (WHO) or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Such apps will help to curb the confusion amongst masses in these panicking times.

Biz4Solutions has developed highly secure and HIPAA compliant apps for renowned hospitals and other healthcare organizations across the globe. We ensure that all the data is safe and its privacy is maintained. We always rely on trusted and authentic sources for the information we need.


Medical Emergency Response Apps

Biz4Solutions has developed an outstanding app that instantly connects the patients to their physicians or medical professionals in case of an emergency. During life-threatening situations, the patients can use this app and get the required assistance immediately to save their life. Such apps help to send helpful messages and reliable emergency alerts to the ones trapped in critical situations.


Total Management Apps for Physicians

Many medium and large-sized hospitals are going through a tough time now. Patients are visiting hospitals in large numbers and management of hospitals is becoming a challenge. But thanks to the Total Management App and the Practice Management System (PMS) developed at Biz4Solutions!

These apps and systems help hospitals in many ways. They are useful in integrating the medical data of the patients and record it in the centralized systems. This data, which is saved in the digital format, can be accessed by the doctors immediately to provide better treatment of patients. The doctors working in different branches of hospitals too can access it. This data helps in improved-decision making.

It is also used for making the appointment-scheduling process self-automated. The patients can book appointments as per their availability in the slots when doctors are available. A PMS is a comprehensive solution to many tasks in a hospital.


Final Words

In this war against COVID-19, technology has been the greatest weapon. Healthcare software solutions are helping in every possible way in this ongoing pandemic to combat this war. As a leading healthcare app development company based in Texas, Biz4Solutions is also trying its best to tackle the new, daunting challenges of coronavirus with technological innovations.

We use technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Solutions, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), etc. in our healthcare projects. We have 8+ years of industry experience in the healthcare sector.



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