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Is This a “Yes” Society?

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Do we tend to agree with everything that happens in society or do we question things that are incorrect or wrong. In order to have a balance society it is important for people to be able to disagree when things are wrong. If the society does not question the decisions that are made by the leaders it could have the effect that a balance view of the society is not heard. So it would be essential that the views of everyone in society should have a platform.

Democratic Societies

In many democratic societies it would be hoped that people would have the option to express their views. The idea of a “yes” society could indicate that everyone is not able to express their opinion. It could also suggest that every one is not getting a true view of the truth. The important thing in a democratic society is that every one has a right to vote. The ability to vote gives everyone the ability to say if they agree with or disagree with the current ruling government.

The Right of Voting

This right to vote has been won by many years of struggle on the part of many groups in society. Indeed we have seen women have needed to speak out in order to win the right to vote. So because of this right to vote has cost many in terms of suffering, it is essential that every one exercises their right to vote. The only way that we can really consider the society as a balanced society is where everyone ensures they do vote at elections. By voting we should be able to avoid having a “yes” society and should have a more balanced society.


The need to Understand the Political Process

People in the country should be aware of the political process in order to have a healthy society. Children being taught the process of government is an essential part of keeping a healthy society. Also the idea of the debates of parliament being televised is an effective way of allowing the general public to take part in the governing process.

Correct Information from Media

So the fact that democratic societies exercise the right to vote, can help to ensure that we do not have a “Yes” society. Also indeed it is essential that people receive the correct information from the media, because only by doing this will ensure that people can make informed decisions when voting at general elections. So we can see that by allowing elections in a democratic society can aid in allowing a balanced society. But people need to receive correct information from the media to enable them to make good decisions when voting at general elections. So by having the right to vote can possibly ensure that the society is not a “Yes” Society.

M G A Brown (c) July 2011

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.

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