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The Church and Government

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Seems as if everyone has their own opinion about the separation of church and government. Let me make it clear, the Church was established by God; the government was instituted by God due to the self-centeredness and selfishness of mankind. All levels of government leaders’ are under the authority of Him. Now, whether or not those in authoritative positions are following biblical principles are a whole other subject matter. The scriptures are straight forward and clearly states whose in control of all that is happening in the world today.

When we have church leaders who choose to be defiant and rebellious to those in authority within government, he or she is in error. One thing is certain, to do the right thing rewards and blessings come. And whatsoever a man sows he shall also reap. To be solely irresponsible as a church leader is an embarrassment to the body of Christ. Either these leaders who opened the doors of their physical churches; do not understand scripture, or maybe they just choose to be rebellious to government matters. In all actuality he or she fails to realize by not following those in leadership positions within the state they’re governed by; are rebelling against the Word of God and what scripture teaches.

Sure enough there is a separation. As people of faith, sometimes we can take things to the extreme. Let’s not be pound foolish believers’, but use wise judgments’ that those outside the faith can be encouraged to come into the body of the church. We have been called to be light in a dark atmosphere, we are salt to the earth that needs to add flavor to a society stricken by an environmental contamination due to: pride, egos, selfishness and other sinful behaviors. The church does not needs to be added to this list, if your steps are truly being ordered by the Lord.

For the safety of oneself, in an environment of uncertainty and the challenges we face as human beings let’s do the right thing. There is a balance, rules to live by, the freedom to enjoy life’s everyday actions. To be respectful and to submit to those in authority is an act of humility that shows growth, maturity, and obedience. The times we are living in due to this Coronavirus is a time for many people from around the world to have a wake-up call and know that no matter what happens; God is in control of both the church and government! Peace and be safe.

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