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The World After Coronavirus

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The world after coronavirus will be different not only as regards the economical, social and political aspects but also as regards our way of thinking. Many persons question the globalization theory as the world behaved not as a small village but as isolated countries seeking for their own relief. We faced an unexpected disaster that forced us to behave unexpectedly: who expected that billions of people would stay at their homes for many days? This unexpected disaster will lead to the appearance of unusual and unexpected ideas and theories in all fields of life.

As regards the number of the victims of coronavirus which exceeds one million, it’s a new world war between coronavirus and humanity. If we put into consideration the conspiracy theories, it is certainly a new world war. I myself don’t support these theories but conspiracy theories have always supports and believers. But I can say that it is already a new world war between coronavirus and humanity. Unfortunately, the world wars led to unlimited progress in science and industry but it seems that coronavirus is hindering us. When you face an ordinary enemy, you know what you should do but coronavirus is unfortunately a ghost enemy that killed the people that you love and you can’t do anything. After all these months without a vaccine or a treatment, many people feel depressed and that is the worst enemy of humanity that makes your energy vanishes and kills your dreams.

What is the ‘impossible’? Simply, the impossible is the thing that can never happen. Coronavirus -with billions of people staying at home for many days- shook our concepts of the possible and the impossible. We believed that we are living in an era of genius medical progress but the failure of doctors to find a vaccine or a treatment for coronavirus again shook our concepts of the possible and the impossible. As a result, consciously or unconsciously we will rethink our concepts of the possible and the impossible. This rethinking can be destructive or creative. If we think negatively, we will be afraid of things that we didn’t use to be afraid of. If we think positively, we will break our barriers of the possible and the impossible and we can achieve things that we thought they are impossible.

Coronavirus has augmented the points of weakness of the health, social and economic systems. I deliberately used the word ‘augmented’ instead of the word ‘shown’ because to a certain degree, the health, social and economic systems are not to be extremely blamed because the catastrophe was unexpected and massive. This augmentation hinders the recovery of the economic health and social systems. Critical thinking is essential to overcome this augmentation and its consequences. We need creative solutions but the problem is that we are under massive stress that makes us see the black and white colors only forgetting the fact there are many degrees between them.

Uncertainty is a common feeling all over the world. Will we see the end of coronavirus or will it defeat humanity? We are afraid of death.

Short Bio: Wael El-Manzalawy is an Egyptian writer who writes in English. He has published 24 ebooks. His books have been translated into more than 15 languages.


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