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As we all struggle with the medical, social and emotional implications of this pandemic, I wanted to reach out and share some thoughts that might be of some assistance in terms of coping and comfort.

First, you are not alone in this. It’s easy to say, but not always easy to accept especially after a considerable period of time has passed. Trust me that at some point you are going to start to feel like you’re the only one “suffering”. In reality, you have an entire network of family, friends and even colleagues that are or will soon be feeling this way. Given the multiple facets of technology, we can more easily stay in touch with people than ever before. And while you might not be able to physically be there a phone call, text, email, Facebook shout-out can go a long way to helping yourself and someone else. So reach out and connect via technology. In addition to your normal circle of BFFs, I’m sure there is a long thought about friend or relative, former classmate, retired colleague or even a personal coach who would love to hear from you. The expression that misery likes company is currently on display in real terms. Staying in touch is the best way to validate that we’re not alone.

Second, it’s human nature to think about all that we have lost (even temporarily) rather than all that we have. This feeling will become increasingly acute as people are furloughed from their jobs, struggle financially and/or confront this disease on a personal level. It is now that we need to take stock of all our blessings no matter how large or small and be thankful of their existence. The saying that we never “realize what we had until it is gone” tends to ring true in situations like the one we are all facing. So I encourage you to take inventory of what you have, preserve and protect to the best of your ability and cherish each for what it has or will mean to you going forward. It will prove to be a source of great strength now and later down the road.

Third, you might have heard about the concept, Sphere of Control. In a nutshell, it talks about not wasting our resources around those things that are out of our control. Again, one of those concepts that is easy to understand but difficult to apply. Yet it is critical for all of us to keep focused on what we can control (attitudes, beliefs, interactions with others, precautionary steps, etc.) so as not to waste two of our most precious commodities… time and energy. Since we don’t really know where this is all going, our immediate future is highly dependent on our ability to stay in the present and not get distracted and dragged down by things beyond our control.

Finally, I want to reiterate just how special we are to each other. We are a community of people who care. We can conquer this situation by sticking together, helping one another and being smart in our personal and professional interactions.

My best wishes for your health, safety and comfort going forward!

John J. Meggiolaro



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