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What Your PR Strategy Must Have Like The Best After Covid-19

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According to numbers of PR veterans, the businesses that will increase PR spending at the earliest will emerge as the winner in the battle with new Covid-19 challenges for marketing. Miller at U.S. Small Business Administration says, “Businesses making $1 to $5 million annual sales should invest 7-8% of total revenue on advertising for marketing.” B2B and B2C public relations have changed dramatically because of Covid-19 spread out and future perceptions. Definitely, businesses need a revitalized PR strategy to soak the impact and perform at a sustainable growth rate in the rest of 2020 and after.


Seven Essential Elements Your PR Strategy Must Have Like The Best:


  1. Short-Term
    and Long-Term Goals: PR campaign is a set of proactive activities that build and strengthen the brand’s image online and offline for the long term. PR strategy must revolve around the short-term and long-term goals fixed according to the marketing and future growth plans.
  2. Innovative Ways to Standout on Social Media Platforms: Covid-19 has changed the buying behaviours overnight. Social media has become the most important channel to connect with the target audience. Social platforms offer effective ways for the businesses to connect with potential buyers and other stakeholders but your PR strategy needs to have innovative ways to stand out of noise from the crowd.


  1. Online Relationship and Database Building: The buying and interaction behaviour has changed a lot within three months of the Covid-19 pandemic; it is time to bring most of the business activities on online platforms and to build a database for the future planning. Cloud-based business apps help you connect to a wider customer community with a facility of automatic database building. For example, the effectiveness of App like the Indian Govt.’ Aarogya Setu Mobile App is being hailed worldwide.


  1. Values in Tailored Messages: Spreading the messages to the wider community is one of the major roles of PR companies. The messages should be tailored for a particular cause that could develop the interest of the audience in a particular subject like discounts, new arrivals, offers, webinars and others.


  1. AI Like Advanced Technology to Measure Outcomes: AI can be used to track and analyze the results of PR activities. AI-based technology helps to fine-tune the PR strategy for the most important task with the highest priority.
  • Consumers give 7 times more credibility to a media report than the advertisement.
  • Hiring a PR agency can deliver 30% to 50% better results than investing in advertising.


  1. Focus on Using Media With Diversity: The public relations experts must understand how to represent the businesses effectively at different platforms, online and offline.


  1.  Balance in Owned, Earned And Paid Media: The balanced use of each media type is a must to building and strengthening positive brand reputation but the use of each media needs a different plan.


Concluding Note:

PR strategy needs to be tailored differently for different businesses; one PR strategy can’t fit all businesses. Research, core objectives, implementation, evaluation, improvement, and investment are the key elements that contribute to the effectiveness of a PR strategy. Top PR agencies periodically evaluate their PR strategy for particular businesses to make the required changes to boost brand awareness, credibility, positive brand image, customer relationships, lead generati,on and others.


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