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When Should They Re-Open America?

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Despite, proceeding through an extended period, when President Donald Trump, constantly seemed to be minimizing the health dangers, going as far as calling it a hoax. perpetuated by his opponents/ enemies, for political/ election year, reasons, even he, now, admits this pandemic is real! While we should be, used – to, his method of ignoring his own past statements, and, opposing the opinions of his experts, and articulating constantly, contradictory stories/ versions, we are at a point, where this worldwide health crisis, is, undoubtedly real, and most medical and public health experts, believe, the only way, to handle it, without it getting, even worse, is to, flatten the curve, which means, minimize/ reduce person – to – person contacts, and, thus, end the escalation of this deadly and dangerous virus! We have, apparently, reached a point, where, this President feels, we must open – up, America, to business, because of the economic ramifications, seeming to ignore, the reality, if we don’t minimize the spread of the pandemic, there will be far, more, long – lasting ramifications. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 scenarios/ conditions, which are, seeming to compete, for the dominant, public policy, for this nation.

1. Trump’s desire to open it up, as soon as possible: Repeating a poor idea, should never determine public actions, and policy. When he articulates fake facts, far more than anyone he accuses of doing so, and, states his opinions/ desires, as facts, and, then, attempts to influence others, towards this potentially dangerous view, despite the health risks, some weak politicians, either out of fear, or, lack – of – backbone, the public’s long – term interests, are potential victims! After, this President articulated his position, and held, conference calls with other foreign leaders, as well as the nation’s Governors, we have already seen, certain ones, buckle – under! For example, on the same day, the Governor of Massachusetts, responded to a plea, from the Realtors Association, to permit open – houses, which most responsible leaders, would/ should realize, is both, poor policy/ bad idea, as well as opposes the basic health premise of Social Distancing, but, if it is an indication, of things to come, the future, may be bleak!

2. Health/ public health professionals urge the need for Social Distancing: How can we expect the public to effectively listen, when the President’s message, is so contrary, to his own experts? We have been told, repeatedly, we must practice, Social Distancing, and staying at home, as much as possible, and, the rest of the world, has followed that strategy, yet, the present occupant of the White House, appears more focused on economic, than health concerns. How can a rising, Stock Market. be useful, unless/ until, the public is able to enjoy a safe, healthier environment, with less risks, involved?

3. Federal Reserve Bank President Jerome Powell’s statements: Following the President’s Daily Presentation, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank, Jerome Powell, proclaimed, while, obviously, we would all like to re – open American business, as soon, as possible, he stated, but, only, after it’s safe, and public health, must come first!

4. Tell the truth: risk/ reward: Wouldn’t it be refreshing, if, the public was told the truth, and the real facts, and decisions, were made, based on risk/ reward, and smart, well – considered, safety – first, policy, than any personal/ political agenda, and self – interest?

Wake up, America, because, we can’t afford any more, politics – as – usual, partisan, election – oriented, policy focus! The safety, and health of the world, into the future, may depend on it!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, conducted personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns, for 4 decades. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. and the Facebook page for common sense



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